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4 Digital Nomad Destinations In Europe With Cheap Rent You’ll Actually Want To Live In

Share The Article Last Updated 5 mins ago Other than a wide availability of foreigner-friendly services, a lively social scene, and of course, the cultural aspect, affordable accommodation is a key factor for digital nomads heading to Europe, as it is possibly the most expensive destination for long-term travelers… or is it? There’s no denying […]

These 2 Hugely Popular Asian Countries Are Launching Digital Nomad Visas But There’s A Catch  

Share The Article Last Updated 56 seconds ago Asia is becoming increasingly popular for digital nomads looking to embrace new cultures while taking advantage of lower crime rates and lower costs of living.   There are currently more than 35 million digital nomads working around the world, and that number is only growing.   Many […]

Why This Gorgeous European Region Will Become A Digital Nomad Hotspot For 2024

Share The Article Last Updated 40 mins ago Europe is every digital nomad’s go-to destination for sampling culture and country-hopping over a short period of time. A well-connected continent, home to nations that are smaller than medium-size U.S. states, it is easy and convenient to explore, largely thanks to the Schengen Area, a passport-free zone […]

8 Reasons Why This Lesser-Known Sunny Island In Europe Is A Digital Nomad Paradise

Share The Article Last Updated 4 hours ago As a travel writer and digital nomad who’s made it his life’s work to explore the world while sharing his experiences online, I have already seen over 79.1% of Europe – according to my Mark O’ Travel stats I religiously update every month – and have inevitably […]

The Top 5 Digital Nomad Destinations For Affordability And Culture In 2024

Share The Article Last Updated 14 mins ago With national governments easing border curbs for digital nomads and some going as far as competing for the title of nomad hotspot while launching migration routes unique to the category, you may feel as if there are (far too many) options at hand already. Which so many […]

This Popular Asian Country Finally Introduces A Long-Waited Digital Nomad Visa

Share The Article Last Updated 6 seconds ago Sri Lanka is an incredibly beautiful country and it is also an incredibly affordable place to live. For both of these reasons its capital city has quickly turned into a digital nomad hotspot. Digital nomads in Sri Lanka are attracted by the slow pace of life, the […]

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