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These 3 Lesser Known Destinations Near Cancun Are Perfect For Escaping The Crowds

Share The Article Last Updated 1 min ago Cancun is the number one resort destination for U.S. vacationers, and it’s easy to see why: Hotels are nothing short of spectacular, boasting top-notch amenities and offering world-class service. The beaches are stunning, and they feel very Americanized and tourist-friendly for those who might feel some agitation […]

5 Reasons Why This Lesser Known South American Country Is Surging In Popularity

Share The Article Last Updated 55 seconds ago South America is the leading destination for Americans this winter, with U.S. citizens going wherever it’s warmer, cheapest, and where the culture is more vibrant. In a way, it’s hardly a surprise major countries like Argentina and Brazil have been gaining traction lately. Though it is also […]

Why You Should Visit This Lesser Known Beach Town For A Laid-Back Winter Getaway

Share The Article Last Updated 2 days ago Mexico is every American’s go-to pick for a sunny winter getaway, what with the long miles of sandy coast, balmy weather, and irresistible tropical atmosphere. However, not all Mexican destinations offer the relaxation they may be craving after another long, tiresome year. Cancun has the luxurious resorts […]

Why These Lesser Known Spanish Islands Are Breaking All Tourism Records Right Now  

Share The Article Last Updated 41 seconds ago The Canary Islands broke all previous tourism records last year, welcoming an incredible 14.1 million visitors.   And it’s easy to see why. From beautiful beaches to breathtaking landscapes, this delightful archipelago is loaded with charm. Despite this, very few U.S. travelers choose to visit the Canary […]

Why This Lesser Known Beach Destination Is Becoming A Tourism Hotspot

Share The Article Last Updated 31 seconds ago Africa may not be the first destination that comes to mind when Americans think of a beach getaway: it is more commonly associated with wild nature, the richness of its wildlife, and unique arid landscapes that contrast against fertile hinterlands. Something most Americans tend to forget, however, […]

Why Solo Travelers Love This Lesser Known Coastal City In Southeast Asia

Share The Article Last Updated 54 seconds ago It’s no secret solo travelers have been flocking back into Southeast Asia now that the region has fully lifted all of its border curbs. The world capital of backpacking tourism, the subcontinent is famous for its tropical atmosphere, vibrant culture, warm and welcoming people, and affordability, with […]

Why This Lesser Known City In Spain Is One Of The Most Searched Destinations Right Now

Share The Article Last Updated 21 mins ago Spain has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, yet interestingly, a majority of visitors would focus their attention on only a handful of cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, while ignoring the wider country. This year, that persistent trend finally changed, as a […]

5 Reasons Why This Lesser Known Mediterranean Island Is The Perfect Fall Destination

5 Reasons Why This Lesser Known Mediterranean Island is the Perfect Fall Destination | Best Travel Deals at Travel.Given-Solutions.com

Share The Article Last Updated 42 seconds ago The Mediterranean is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Known for its turquoise waters and verdant nature and home to cities and civilizations that are thousands of years old, it is arguably the best spot for both beach and culture. Not all Mediterranean countries are well […]

Why This Lesser Known City Is One Of Mexico’s Fastest Growing Destinations

Share The Article Last Updated 4 days ago There are many reasons why Mexico is America’s favorite international destination. Whether it’s the food, the amazing weather, or the pristine beaches, it simply ticks all the boxes for Americans in desperate need of some relaxation and a warmer environment. However, not all U.S. nationals who travel […]

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